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Owlcation » Mixer Sciences » Anthropology The Lore and Chronicle of Mead in Germanic Cultures Updated on February 8, 2018 James Slaven more James has scripted for several magazines, including Celtic Draw, Mythology Mag, and Heathenish Timber. Link Source Gunlodd offer Odin the Mead of Verse. | Reference Norse warrior: “Is thither mead in the [...]

Owlcation » Arts » Lit Ubi-Sunt Poetical Versify in Beowulf and The Rover Updated on February 22, 2018 Anaya M. Baker more Ubi sunt, literally pregnant, “where are?” in Latin, is likewise the epithet of a poem traditionally victimized in Old English poesy . In the Ubi-sunt poetical shape, a storyteller asks a serial of [...]

Owlcation » Mixer Sciences » Effectual Studies The Causes of Struggle Betwixt Tenement Residents and Metropolis Officials Updated on November 8, 2013 enewcomer more Tangency Source New York Metropolis c1900 Reference The Constitution of Cities and Tenements As the “American City” expanded its manufacture, multitude began to swarm into the metropolis. Immigrants and citizenry from [...]